Divorce Implementation


divorce in Indonesia An Indonesian divorce is the ultimate way to dissolve a marriage. Under Indonesian law, only marriages acknowledged & recognized by an Indonesian legal systems that can be dissolved by the Indonesian court. Prior applying for divorce petition, all marriages held overseas by an Indonesian citizen or by an Indonesian residents such as foreigner residing in Indonesia for certain period of time, must be registered in Indonesia in order to make the marriage recognized by the Indonesian legal systems.

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Birth Legalization

legalization of birth in IndonesiaIndonesian Birth certifications are issued in accordance with the submitted biographical information. Any details attached to the certificate is entirely in the same correlations with the supporting documentations which was submitted by the applicant prior receiving the birth certificate.


The Indonesian civil, population and administration law stipulates that there are specific requirements that needs to be acquired in order to register a newly-born babies, which are:

  1. An original birth reference certificate, which is issued by a hospital or the place where the biological mother is delivering the child;
  2. An original birth reference from the village office;
  3. A legalized copy of the biological parents marriage certificate;
  4. The biological parents Indonesian ID Card or similar proof of identity;
  5. The Biological parents Indonesian family card or similar proof of identity;

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Documents Legalizations

document legalization Indonesia An Indonesian legalization or certifications upon a public documents to be further used for certain purposes, can be classified as a means to authenticate the authenticity of the said documents. In Indonesia, documents legalization can be legalized by following certain procedures, to obtain verifications over the documents. 

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Marriage Legalization in Indonesia

marriage legalization IndonesiaIndonesian marriage legalization means to legalize a marriage held by couple that haven't received a certifications or legalization on their marriage. The legalization upon an Indonesian marriage, is acquired by conducting the marriage in accordance to the Indonesian marriage law and the related governing provisions, furthermore a fully registered certificate is issued by the authorized marriage institutions, which is a proof of an admission of validity regarding the marriage performed.

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child Legalization in Indonesia

legalization child IndonesiaIndonesian child legalization means to legalize a child onto the legal marriage of the biological parents. Indonesian child legalization is conducted in Indonesia and under Indonesian law and it is also performed within the same moment when the marriage of the biological parents are being recorded at the marriage registrar, failure to legalize the child within the same time when the civil marriage is being recorded would require the biological parents or its attorney to file for a legal petition at The local Indonesian district Court to proceed with the legalization procedure. 



typically, an Indonesian civil marriage registration means to submit biographical details regarding both parties that about to wed, including prior marital status and children from previous marriage or children that shall be legalized within the marriage. During this stage, a child can be legalized onto the marriage held by the parents by enlisting the child biographical information within the marriage register.

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