Stay Permit on Spousal Sponsor

spousal sponsor stay permitUnder the new Indonesian Immigration law, an Indonesian housewife can become the legitimate sponsor for a foreign husband to reside in Indonesia by using the Indonesian limited stay permit (KITAS). Obtaining an Indonesian stay permit for a foreign husband to stay and reside in Indonesia, is necessary in order to unite the family together. The Indonesian limited stay permit (KITAS) can be sponsored by an Indonesian wife when the marriage between the said husband and wife has been fully registered or certified under Indonesian marriage law.


Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) with an Indonesian Wife sponsorship

In order to obtain an Indonesian Limited stay permit (KITAS) under Indonesian wife sponsorship, an applications must be made to the nominated Indonesian immigration office. Under this type of sponsorship, the stay permit would last for a period of one year continuously without any additional renewal during the validity period.


Regardless of what type of sponsorship being used, an Indonesian stay permit would always be in direct correlation with the type of visa that the applicant's currently had. Prior applying for an Indonesian stay permit (KITAS) under Indonesian wife sponsor, the applicant is required to apply for an Indonesian Limited stay visa (VITAS) which is can be converted into an Indonesian stay permit (KITAS) under an Indonesian wife sponsorship.


Limited Stay Visa (VITAS)

The Indonesian VITAS can be considered as an Invitation Visa, this type of visa is issued in regards to the application made by an Indonesian sponsor in Indonesia in order to invite a foreigner to enter into Indonesian territory. This visa is issued upon the approval made by The Indonesian Immigration Directorate General, towards the application made by a valid Indonesian sponsor which is applying for The Indonesian Limited stay permit (KITAS) for the foreigner.


Generally, the VITAS is issued within seven working days since applied by the valid sponsor. The Indonesian VITAS can be collected within the nearest Indonesian Embassy abroad, or it can be specified in accordance with the request made by the applicant of where to send the VITAS to. The validity of an Indonesian VITAS is for two consecutive months and the applicant must collect the Indonesian VITAS within the said two months or before its expired.



The application for obtaining an Indonesian Limited stay Permit (KITAS) under an Indonesian wife sponsorship can be  acquired by submitting the following supporting documentations:

  1. The letters of guarantee from The nominated Indonesian sponsor;
  2. The applicant original passport;
  3. The Limited stay visa (VITAS);
  4. For minors, they are required to attached his or her original birth certificate and his or her parents ID Card; while for housewife, they are required to attached her marriage certificate and her husband's Identifications card;
  5. 4 piece of latest photograph sized 2x3 cm;
  6. The marriage certificate and the marriage reporting certificate if the marriage was previously held overseas.

 While the immigrations provisions states that any foreigner eligible for obtaining an Indonesian limited stay permit (KITAS) under an Indonesian wife sponsorship are:

  1. A foreigner who's previously possess The Indonesian Limited stay visa;
  2. Current Holder of an Indonesian Limited stay visa;
  3. A foreigner who's working overseas on an Indonesian waters such as a captain, a ship crew, etc.
  4. A foreigner marry to an Indonesian citizen.

After receiving the Indonesian stay permit (KITAS) under an Indonesian wife sponsorship, it is highly advisable that the sponsor is applying for an Indonesian Multi Exit Re-entry Permit (MERP) in order to avoid an EPO status for the respected foreigner.

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